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Based on our two decades of extensive real-life private investigations and security services experience, My Spy shop was established as a simplified, transparent, direct and contactless service for the modern day domestic consumer. Having experienced extensive in-the-field situations performing Private Investigator duties, we apply our expertise and knowledge aiming to deliver you with the most direct and realistic solutions and investigation methods available. When requesting an investigation, ill-informed persons of the general public should not carry other incorrect notions of illegal and or non-existent services such as phone and computer hacking and access to information held by other institutions and authorities where access is prohibited.

My Spy lookup and search tools collects information and provides third party data from a range of sources including government registries, businesses and publicly available information in accordance with privacy laws and where third party information is collected in circumstances where the individual would reasonably expect their personal information to be collected in such a manner. My Spy’s conventional private investigator services are also conducted and completed utilizing correct and legal industry practises, procedures, training, expertise and experience.

My Spy have experienced most people in domestic situations do not have thousands of dollars to spend on inefficient and non-transparent private investigator services, so My Spy shop source and specialize in providing effective and transparent private investigation products and services in separate components to enable the consumer to efficiently investigate and reach their objectives.


Qualified Private Investigator Services across Sydney, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth

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We have noticed other so called ‘private investigation agencies’ on the internet attempting to copy My Spy’s services and information and we take this as acknowledgement that My Spy are the premiere Private Investigators in our areas of expertise and service. You should also not assume a flashy website advertising as a ‘private investigator’ is fully qualified in the same manner as My Spy and if they cannot list and or provide any qualifications and experience as a Private Inquiry Agent, then generally they may not have many!

Since the year 2000 My Spy have gained extensive and accredited private investigator qualifications and experience including the following:

- Over about two decades of private investigations work and experience including in the insurance, financial, corporate, business, government and domestic sectors.

- Over a decade of accredited insurance investigations work including Workers Compensation and Motor Accidents Compulsory Third Party claims.

- Commercial Agents and Private Inquiry Agents (CAPI) Act Master Licenced for Investigation and Surveillance of Persons.

- Certificate IV in Government Investigations.

- Certificate III in Investigative Services.

- Certificate II in Investigative Services (Surveillance).

- Certificate II in Investigative Services (Factual).

- Certificate II in Security Guarding.

My Spy have also extensive work experience in security services at numerous hotels and clubs and Commercial Agents services including debt collection, repossession of goods and process serving of court and other documents.

My Spy private investigators Sydney head office, based in Bondi Junction specializes in the entire Sydney metro, Sydney eastern and western suburbs with further capabilities covering Wollongong, Newcastle and most of country New South Wales. My Spy private investigators also have locations throughout Australia including Sydney, Parramatta, Gold Coast QLD, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin and Hobart and provide consultations and quality services in all private detective matters such as Cheating Partner and Spouse Investigations, Family and Child Custody Investigations, Business and Insurance Investigations, Locating Persons and Information, Background Checks and Asset Investigations. My Spy private investigator services also span across all Australian states and territories and New Zealand.


My Spy private investigators have been used by many reputable organizations including the following clients:

My Spy Private Investigators Sydney Client My Spy Private Investigators Australia Client My Spy Private Investigators New South Wales Client My Spy Private Investigators Australia Client My Spy Private Investigators Melbourne Client My Spy Private Investigators Bondi Junction Client My Spy Private Investigators Australia Client My Spy Private Investigators Sydney Client

My Spy Private Investigators Sydney Client My Spy Private Investigators Sydney Client My Spy Private Investigators Parramatta Client My Spy Private Investigators Newcastle Client My Spy Private Investigators Sydney Client My Spy Private Investigators Australia Client My Spy Private Investigators Gold Coast Client My Spy Private Investigators Brisbane Client


Further information about our private investigator protocols and procedures is provided within our Terms and Conditions page.

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Please continue to use this website for My Spy shop private investigation product information, orders, booking services and lookup search tools, and for more information, topics and articles about Private Detective services, please visit our other website about conventional Private Investigator matters at www.myspy.com.au or phone 1300 880 642.