Property and Business Data

For Australia and New Zealand

Private Investigator Business and Assets Lookup

Private Investigator Business and Assets Lookup

Lookup individual people and organisation names and or business numbers and locate:

Business registrations including;

  • Individuals names
  • Trading names
  • Australian Company Number
  • Australian Business Number
  • Registered addresses
  • Company share allocation

Property registrations including;

  • Motor vehicle
  • Watercraft
  • Aircraft
  • Agriculture
  • Intellectual property
  • Financial property

Private Investigator Real Estate Lookup

Private Investigator Property Lookup

Lookup individual people and or organisation names and locate:

  • Owner and Lessee name titles
  • Street addresses
  • Bank mortgage schedules
  • Other schedules and notifications
  • Deed details
  • Security interests in goods
  • Writs, causes and orders

Detective Desk Specialists

The information is sourced by the relevant government and public registries and My Spy private investigators employ decades of experience and have access to such data and information across Australia and New Zealand.


Simply select from the investigation products below and combine different types of searches and services relevant to your case to meet your objectives!

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