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Private Investigator Sydney terms and conditions

Terms of Payment

This website uses the Paymate Payment Gateway to process our credit and debit card payments via their security encrypted gateway. For more information about Paymate, please visit their website at www.global.paymate.com.

Payment is required to be provided and cleared in full for all products and services prior to the undertaking, release, delivery and application of all products and services. Invoices will not be valid until the funds have cleared. Any additional costs incurred in processing payments and expediting clearance of funds may be billed as a disbursement to the buyer’s account. In the event the buyer fails to make payment for products and services already received, the buyer shall make payment within seven (7) days of My Spy serving a final account upon the buyer or be liable for all additional cost incurred in attempting to recover the overdue amounts until the balance has been paid in full. If during an investigation service, the Client received an extension of services on credit and incurred a further outstanding amount owed to My Spy, then My Spy may withhold all results, products and services until the amount has been paid in full.

Upon the customer’s payment being cleared and confirmed and My Spy receiving the order, at least two (2) business days’ notice may be required before My Spy can process, book, apply and or undertake the requested products and services.


Private Investigator and Detective Services

My Spy will at no time undertake any conduct or action which is or could be in contravention of criminal or civil law in the State or Jurisdiction within which the conduct or action is conducted. My Spy’s investigators will only carryout investigations and surveillance where there is no knowledge or reason to suspect there is an intention to cause the Subject to fear physical or mental harm and the Client is obligated to notify My Spy of any contrary knowledge as soon as available. My Spy’s investigation and surveillance services are engaged only to lawfully observe and report. As generally most clients are not qualified and professional private investigators, My Spy reserves the right to make all operational decisions including regards to safety, how and what tasks are performed and what locations are attended and the Client accepts My Spy’s authority in all operational judgments. My Spy may rely on standard industry practises, procedures, training, expertise and experience for all operational decisions including regards to safety, discretion and collection of information. The Client warrants that the representations and information supplied by them in relation to the assignment are true and correct and accepts that operational decisions and advice will be based on and influenced by the information they have provided to My Spy. The Client accepts that My Spy shall rely on the truthfulness, completeness and accuracy of all statements and information supplied by the Client. The Client may only advise My Spy on background information with regards to their case as My Spy reserves the right to make all operational decisions in meeting the Client’s objectives referring to industry practices, procedures, training, expertise and experience. My Spy bears no responsibility for any additional irrelevant background information or requests provided by the Client that fall outside the agreed and or standard services to be provided by My Spy. My Spy bears no acceptance of any ill-informed, incorrect notions, illegal and or non-existent service requests made by the Client including unauthorized phone and computer hacking, GPS tracking and access to information held by other institutions and authorities where access is prohibited. The Client must also allow sufficient and reasonable time to provide and receive any new information regarding their case.

My Spy database and or other search information may be collected and provided from third party data and a range of sources including government organisations, publicly available information and businesses where third party information is collected in such circumstances where individuals over eighteen (18) years of age would reasonably expect their personal information to be collected in accordance with privacy laws. My Spy assumes no responsibility for the accuracy, disclosure and consequential use of this information. Note, it is not guaranteed that your Target’s details and every persons details in general will be found on all databases and searches however our fees and charges stand for the undertaking of work to perform all searches irrespective whether there are any listings or the results found. Contrary to any other incorrect notions, My Spy expends significant work merely to perform the Client’s requested searches and investigations and the service fee relates to this regardless of the listings and results found.

With all pre-priced surveillance operative packages, surveillance will commence in the vicinity of the address nominated by the Client and at a time in consideration of the time nominated by the Client and determined by My Spy. Upon arrival and commencement of the surveillance, My Spy will employ correct surveillance practises and assess the location and requirements and adopt an appropriate surveillance position whilst considering the Client’s investigation objectives. My Spy will employ correct surveillance practises and observe, report and obtain video evidence when and where relevant, appropriate, possible and permitted. It is the Client’s responsibility to propose surveillance at a time that allows sufficient time for the surveillance operative to assess, setup an appropriate surveillance position and to limit the chance of missing any crucial activities and also to ensure they purchase enough surveillance time to maintain surveillance of any important continuing activities. The surveillance package time will be charged at a minimum of fifteen (15) minute (quarter hour) increments and consists of one (1) callout for up to the duration and or amount of time allotted in your purchase order only and includes the use of one (1) surveillance operative only, one (1) surveillance vehicle only, travel to the general area specified in the package only, one (1) written surveillance activity report per package (PDF File) sent by email, one (1) DVD video disk per package sent by post within Australia. Allowances have been factored in to the surveillance packages for disbursements such as public transport costs, motorway tolls, minor car park fees and minor premises entry fees up to the value of $20.00 (Australian Dollars) in total, thereafter surveillance will continue in such a manner where further disbursements are not required. In consideration of the surveillance starting address nominated by the Client, My Spy will employ correct surveillance practices and decide the appropriate mode of travel whether it be by motor vehicle, public transport and or on foot, for each surveillance operative depending on the starting address and investigation background information supplied by the Client in advance. The Client is also required in advance to forecast any additional requirements, disbursement costs, geographic locations outside the designated package area and or the use of more than one (1) surveillance operative regarding a surveillance investigation and make prior arrangements with My Spy to cover additional requests where and if possible and or seek a consultation with My Spy.

Research and inquiry investigations will be based and dependant on the investigation case background information and objectives supplied by the Client. On this basis, investigation methods and tasks will be determined and performed within the pre purchased product time frame specified.

In consideration of the case objectives, the Client accepts all fees are charged and payable for the undertaking of work, time, consultation, travel, services and expenses regardless of the results found and achieved however My Spy will at all times employ its best skills, expertise, diligence and judgment to meet the Client’s objectives. There are no cancelations or refunds for all investigation services as considerable work may be expended by My Spy in assessing, planning and managing your investigation case. In the event the investigation services contracted are partially completed and or cannot be completed within three (3) months from the date of order due to circumstances (including compromising, safety, risk and lawfulness concerns, insufficient information, the Client hinders and or does not allow completion and the Client refuses to claim and or receive the products or services) then My Spy may re-evaluate the service cost and or complete the services as necessary at our discretion and or the Client will forfeit any remaining paid balances as part of My Spy’s management costs.

Where the Client is required to provide case investigation information in the Case Info Form supplied by My Spy, the Client must provide all relevant information in this form in one (1) lot otherwise any additional information sent to My Spy outside this structure may not be accepted and or received by My Spy. The Case Info Form is required to be completed, saved and emailed back to My Spy as a Microsoft Word Document and the Client should include as much helpful background information as possible such as all addresses, motor vehicle details, modes of travel and people’s descriptions. My Spy bears no responsibility for any additional irrelevant background information and or requests provided by the Client that fall outside the agreed and or standard services to be provided by My Spy. For identification purposes, the Client is also required to attach and send in the same email, any photographs and clear pictures of the Subjects to be investigated and or concerned in the investigation.

Where the Client is provided products and services by email only, it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure they receive their emails and check their spam folders. Customers using a Microsoft email server such as Hotmail and Outlook may find it insufficient for such correspondence and may have some emails blocked and in such cases it is the customer’s responsibility to either change their email settings, contact Microsoft to cease such unwarranted blockages, provide a different email address suitable for receiving business correspondence and or contact My Spy to request email delivery from a different email server.

Where we have electronically emailed to the Client forms, investigation requirements and results, the Client does not warrant a mobile phone will have all the required and correct functions of a proper computer such as a desktop and laptop and the Client accepts they must be prepared to access the information by such means.


Delivery of Surveillance and Spy Shop Products

As standard within Australia, all physical orders will be posted by Australia Post Express Post service that includes tracking, signature on delivery and insurance for the value of your order. If you wish not to sign on delivery and just want the parcel dropped off, then you may request this in your delivery instructions when placing an order.

All postage and insurance costs are to be paid in full by the buyer and upon confirmation of the buyer’s order, appropriate delivery will be consigned and dispatched by Australia Post service.

- Delivery time for products currently IN stock from our Sydney warehouse, approximately allow up to one (1) week to receive your goods.

- Delivery time for products currently OUT of stock that will be ordered from our overseas manufacturers and supplies on a weekly basis, approximately allow up to three (3) weeks to receive your goods.

- My Spy will endeavour to pursue a prompt and quality service however will bear no consequence due to further lead and delivery time delays imposed by other affiliates outside of My Spy’s control and the buyer accepts any additional reasonable delays and may not cancel an order on this basis without forfeiting a reasonable fee reimbursing My Spy for the cost expended so far and or work undertaken to supply the ordered product.

- All products sold and delivered to the buyer are at the buyer’s risk and the buyer shoulders any risk of lost, theft and or damaged goods during transit. The buyer indemnifies My Spy against any loss and should pursue any claims with the relevant party such as the delivery or insurance companies.

- If delivery cannot be effected and or completed, My Spy may store the goods for a reasonable time only and or redeliver the goods to the buyer upon the buyer reimbursing My Spy for all additional delivery costs and expenses incurred.


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Legal Disclaimer

The content of My Spy websites is intended for the advertising of our products and services and for general information only. My Spy assumes no responsibility for any misrepresentations whilst using our products and services.

We do not provide legal advice and nothing on our websites constitutes legal advice. You should seek professional legal advice if required.

No liability or responsibility is accepted for any loss or ill-consequence as a result of using our websites and or products and services. All products and services offered and provided by My Spy are intended for their correct use only and operation within legal requirements in accordance with state and federal laws and the buyer indemnifies My Spy against any further liabilities. It is the absolute responsibility of the buyer to ascertain and obey any applicable laws and My Spy is not bound to unreasonably carryout extra work without reimbursement of suitable payment for further advice on the suitable use of our products and service and the purchaser should make all reasonable efforts to either conduct their own appropriate research and or seek a professional consultation from My Spy at the applicable fee. By ordering products and services from My Spy, the buyer represents they are of legal adult age that is eighteen (18) years or older.

My Spy’s information is privileged and issued without prejudice and or liability for the general and or personal information of those concerned.

My Spy reserves the right to make updates and or changes to the Terms and Conditions at any time.